Géraldine Bianco and Elisa Goldmann, when antiques embrace friendship

Géraldine Bianco and Elisa Goldmann
Géraldine Bianco and Elisa Goldmann

At the crossroads of Serpette's alley 1 and 2, the School of Nice and artists decorators from the middle of the 20th century, you will find the Bianco Goldmann gallery. A large gap in visual coherence, however obvious, offered every weekend by this sparkling duo freshly installed between its new walls. Much more than two partners, they are two true friends working with passion to bring together the cream of the 20th century…

What is your background ?

Géraldine Bianco : My mother was a second-hand dealer and I started working with her very young. I was then an assistant on the Quai Voltaire, then I worked at the Louvre des Antiquaires and at the Puces with Claude Hurel, an antique dealer who 'Elisa knew, this is how we got to know ourselves

Elisa Goldmann : My father is an antique dealer, he runs the Omagh gallery and worked a lot with Claude Hurel. Géraldine worked at his place and when she left, it was me who took over, she trained me for this new position. When Claude Hurel is retired, I started to work on my own, Géraldine had already started on her side. It is at this moment that we started to work together, we took our 1st booth at the Market Biron. 


Our journey is crossed from the start. We have the same vision of work and aesthetics. Together, we are stronger. We are always in agreement and we are aware that it is an incredible asset. We work in pair constantly, we always make our choices together. 

Sometimes one moderates the other a little on certain points, without ever slowing it down, but trying to understand. Dialogue and discussion are very important elements for us, which allows us to be very close and very friends in life.

What are you presenting on your booth ?

In general, we are passionate about the 20th century. We love painting and more particularly the School of Nice, but also the decorators from the 40s to the 70s, we are specialists in Jacques Adnet. On our booth, you will not see very radical design, but colorful, golden pieces, a little luxurious, noble materials like silver and leather. If we could summarize our taste in three words, it would be Art, Classic and Chic.

What does Paul Bert Serpette represent for you?

Paul Bert Serpette is the hub of antiques, both for bargain hunters from 6 a.m. and for galleries. There is an incredible variety of merchandise that cannot be found elsewhere, it is a magical place in the world of Antiquity. In terms of clientele, it is an excellent market for foreign merchants and for French gallery owners, for decorators and individuals.

What is your masterpiece of the moment?

We are currently presenting this Crapaud armchair by François-Xavier Lalanne from 2005. It is signed and numbered out of 250, but there has not been as much printing as this. A dozen at most are known on the market. The "Lalanne" are not only magnificent artists, but it turns out that this year Claude Lalanne passed away and there were two extraordinary sales of the collection. This is one of the most beautiful pieces we have had so far.

What is your vision of the antique trade?

Although the trade is now quite dematerialized, we are very attached to the contact with customers and to the human aspect of our profession.

Another facet of this profession that is important to us is respecting time. Respecting previous creation, highlighting and optimizing it is something important. All of this fits in with our ecological values. We touch on history, the beautiful ... It is a magnificent profession in which we meet exceptional people.