Gibrane Aoun, when craftsmanship sublimates the Industrial

Search, restore and sublimate to give a second life to objects already steeped in history, this is how this young antique dealer was able to forge an activity at the crossroads of his passions for crafts and antiques. This week, enlightening meeting with Gibrane Aoun…

What is your background ?

I started working quite young, going through a lot of odd jobs. I worked as a greengrocer, sold fabric by the meter… The will to settle down a little more in life caught up with me so I started training that allowed me to be an independent tax consultant. However quickly enough, I didn't like what I was doing anymore So I turned to real estate and by dint of visiting interiors, I started to discover the world of decoration. One fine day, I was offered to work for a few weeks at a second-hand dealer. When I entered the shop, I had a revelation I began to hunt around, to sell items on Internet, I built a network and only a year later, I was installed at Paul Bert Serpette.

You should know that I have a passion for DIY since my childhood, I still have tools in the workshop today that I have had since I was a child! My pleasure is to be self-employed, to restore objects, to make sales and to have aesthetics in my everyday life. This job is for me a perfect balance.

What can we find on your booths?

I specialize in industrial lighting You will find suspensions on my booth but also a large number of wall lights. I realized that when you furnish an interior, it is very difficult to find old wall lights, at a reasonable price , beautiful and well restored. I offer pieces that can be bought in pairs, or even in series.

My job is to find the object, manage to open it, which is often difficult, remove the paint and restore it in a very qualitative way. I invest a lot in the material, there is nothing that I cannot do in my workshop.

What does Paul Bert Serpette represent for you?

For me, this is where it all started. I remember the day I moved in… I calculated my rent and I counted that I had to sell for 300 € during the weekend for my project to be perennial. I finally sold for 2,500 €! I had filled the shop and I thought I would be quiet for at least a month, finally I had to hurry to find something to fill my booth again. It quickly encouraged me.

At Paul Bert Serpette, I have the impression of being at home. I have scoured many boarding schools in my life and at Paul Bert Serpette, I had the impression of integrating a new one. There are many antique dealers, we often rub shoulders, you have to know how to live in harmony. For this atmosphere, I was overtrained! Community life holds no secrets for me… As time goes by, real friendships are born. It is a place of life that I consider to be a real chance. To be at work and to be able to see the sky , it’s very beautiful and romantic… That’s all I love, I’m proud to bring my kids here and open my shop in front of them.

Show us a piece you care about

I particularly like the so-called "portable lamps", it was one of the first models that attracted me. At a certain in my life, I moved a lot and was bored to wonder "where could I put my lamps?" I thus put little hooks everywhere, I hunted handlamps, put them cables long enough to be able to move through my apartment my way. Today I kept this habit.

These lamps can go everywhere in an interior and even on a balcony where they can create a fabulous atmosphere I love the use of portable lamps because they are practical, pretty, made in very beautiful materials and obviously very solid, it is the very principle of industrial furniture.


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