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Patricia Attwood
Patricia Attwood

A worthy representative of chic and elegance, Patricia Attwood's booth is a must for all fashion aficionados and lovers of beautiful materials. The keen eye, always on the lookout for trends, Patricia offers a selection of strong pieces in total agreement with contemporary fashion. From her 80s love was born an unconditional respect for the emblematic creators of the time. You will then regularly find some treasures from the Mugler, Gaultier collections ... Succumb to the pleasure of (re) discovering iconic pieces, under the expert advice of an expert ...

What is your background ?

Like most antique dealers, I did not start this profession right away. To please my parents, I entered Science Po. I was on the verge of preparing for the ENA entrance exam when I started working in fashion, thanks to a friend whose father owned a ready-to-wear house. I started to catwalk to make some pocket money. I really liked it, so I did some casting and I arrived into Nina Ricci's model team. I found it funnier than considering an administrative career!

After 10 years in modeling, I had to stop and I bought a booth in Malassis to present antiques. Originally, I exhibited Chinese and Japanese porcelain. My taste for antiques goes back to my childhood, during which I spent a lot of time in Drouot with my parents, collectors. In 1990, when I settled down, I immediately thought of selling clothes, but everyone discouraged me because vintage was so out of fashion that it was possible to find dresses of great designers at the ragpickers ...

In 2003, I took a booth at Paul Bert Serpette, still with my Asian porcelain and it was only later that I switched entirely to sell only vintage clothing. I started by presenting my personal collection.

Tell us a little more about your taste

I have a weakness for designers who emerged in the 80s, like Gaultier, Montana, Mugler, Alaïa, but also those less well known like Didier Renard.

One of the most important aspects for me is to present clothes that are wearable. To present a Poiret dress in size 32, is for me another profession. That is why I offer many pieces from the 70s because it corresponds to the current taste of women. Today, everyone falls in 70s style with pleasure because it is exactly what we like, a slightly bohemian style, large gypsy skirts…

In this profession, what makes you vibrate deep within you?

The discovery… Finding the piece that I never had. 15 days ago for example, I bought a Gucci bag that I had never seen despite my experience in the trade and I found it extraordinary. Us, antique dealers, whatever our specialty, we are all looking for the piece that will make us vibrate. I hate selling what I have just bought, and yet for sure, this is the one that will be immediately requested.

Do you have an outfit to present us for the holidays?

I present this very beautiful dress by Alberto Fabiani, Roman haute couture, from the 60s. It is typical of its time, one could quite imagine Audrey Hepburn inside. It is fabulously built, the shoulders just covered, the arms passing underneath. I love to find a garment like this, so representative of its time that it is very easy to make a whole film around it…

What does Paul Bert Serpette represent for you?

When I was a model, I came to hunt for Paul Bert Serpette like everyone else because it was, and it is always, the place where we found the most beautiful things and where trends are made, the antique dealers being very sharp. Every week, we have very important visitors from the world of fashion and design. People from big houses come to get inspired.

We always come across collectors who know more than us about a specific area, they are inexhaustible and it's fabulous!


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