In the eyes of Laurent Vanlian

Specializing in the 18th and 19th centuries, with a particular attraction for the famous Parisian luxury houses, Laurent Vanlian's booth is a veritable small museum and an invitation to discovery. Seasoned collectors will find the item they are missing there, curious people will come out having acquired valuable knowledge, and perhaps much more...

Today, our eyes focuses on an extraordinary pair of vase:

“We are here in front of a pair of gilded bronze vases that can be dated 1860-1870, the decoration is very finely chiseled. The craftsman used the techniques of nielling and damascening. Depending on whether the object was very chiseled or not, that could multiply by three or four the price, because it induces hours and hours of work.

These pieces are made in the style of several great luxury Houses. The work on the foot resembles the Maison Christofle while the work on the handles is more akin to the Maison Barbedienne. It should also be noted that Geoffroy Dechaume (sculptor and creator of goldsmith models who notably worked with Viollet-Le-Duc) had produced pieces in the same spirit, but much earlier.

However, there is no signature on these vases, so no attribution possible for the moment. The editing is French or English, which is the beginning of orientation.

To sell this piece, we can either try to find an exhibition catalog where there is a similar model, in this case we can sell these vases with their history ... Otherwise we can quite propose them for their quality of realization and their decorative aspect. I bought them because I like them very much.

We must therefore find the person who will have the same reading or someone who can listen to what the merchant can transmit. A person who is going to buy the object not because the antique dealer told him it was a beautiful piece, but because he will have understood why it is different. The role of the dealer is very important, he is there to explain, transmit ...

I like the work of the craftsmen, which shows a know-how that is now lost. At the present time, we can no longer remake a part like this at an affordable price. Moreover, it is not even a problem of price, but above all of know-how. "