In the eyes of Romain & Henri Hayat: tufted wool carpet by Zao Wou-Ki

At the origin of Collection's, two brothers: Romain and Henri Hayat. Specialized in bronze and sculpture, this passionate sibling also opens up to the prism of other universes, in the name of the decorative dimension and the creative richness of a piece. This week, they present us a woolen rug by Zao Wou-Ki.


“Conquered by the work of Zao Wou-Ki (1920-2013), considered one of the masters of lyrical abstraction, and one of the most important foreign painters in the West in the 20th century. His abstract compositions give off a kind of timeless balance of elements that particularly touches us.

We present to you "Nocturne" this tufted wool rug signed and numbered xx / 100. This is an original edition of very good quality, dated 1987 and produced by Artcurial in France, with two labels on the reverse.


An Artcurial edition ...

Formerly a gallery, Artcurial, in parallel with its activity as an auction house, presented the works of artists on avenue Matignon (from 1975), then on the Rond-Point des Champs-Elysées at the Hôtel Dassault (after 1998).

More than 70 artists, considered today among the most important of the XXth century (Chirico, Delaunay, Man-Ray, Pomodoro, Niki de St Phalle, Pierre Soulages, Zao Wou-Ki ...), thus created exclusively works produced in limited series for this old gallery.

Each piece of each collection of prints, sculptures, ceramics, jewelry or artist rugs is also stamped Artcurial. Each work bears the signature of its author, and a copy number, which is also mentioned twice on the certificate that accompanies and authenticates each piece.


Who says tufted wool says pure virgin wool velvet so quality ...

Tufting requires ancestral know-how developed over the centuries in India and China and modern weaving tools. A sweet blend of handcrafted craftsmanship and freedom of tailoring. This process consists in making a carpet by inserting in parallel, and continuously, different types of threads in the cotton canvas, namely a canvas stretched on a vertical loom.

With this technique, the weaving is done by hand. Each strand of textile is implanted in the canvas by the craftsman, with great care. Once the fabric has been woven, the tufting is carried out with a strand gun according to the colors, the design and the different sizes of textile wicks.


On the ground as on the wall ...

The frieze work on the sides and these bluish tones completely recall the visual identity of the artist and echo our own obsessions, being great fans of the blue color. With a height of 247 cm and a width of 208 cm, this rug is a relatively imposing piece. It can easily be included in an interior, either on the ground, or placed on a wall as we have done here, in the Serpette gallery.

The sober background left in the center is very graphic and intelligently allows the motif to be appreciated even if a piece of furniture was placed on it (table, console, duct, etc.). On the wall, it can also beautifully showcase a sculpture or various decorative objects. We are thus trying to promote different works by presenting them in front of this carpet ..."








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