In the eyes of Stephen Wijnants, the Ronces vases by R. Lalique

If the poetry of René Lalique's work were told to you, then it could only be told by Stephen Wijnants. Decors borrowed from flora and fauna, subtle or shimmering colors, Lalique's pieces can take place in multiple decors, from the most classic to the most contemporary. This week, let yourself be seduced by the story of one of this passionate merchant's favorite pieces, the Ronces vase.

The Ronces vase was created in 1921, it is celebrating its 100th anniversary. It measures 24cm in height and it is one of the models that Lalique made in patinated white glass, opalescent, yellow, orange, dark green, absinthe green, electric blue, red and amber glass.

The interest of this vase, in Lalique's work, is that it is part of a pivotal period where we leave the great influence of Art Nouveau to enter this post-war period, towards a more sober aesthetic which announces Art Deco. The Ronces vase is, in some kind, a link between these two eras. It retains a very marked inspiration from plants with its swirling lines of brambles, giving a strong relief to the decor, while letting the presence of the background appear at the back. This piece perfectly embodies this period after 1900 when Lalique modernized and left behind his job as a jeweler. The objects will then become more voluminous, decorated in a more obvious way to respond more to the taste of the Art Deco period. As for the Ronces vase, it will always recall the 1900 period and the School of Nancy.

In 1910-1912, René Lalique discovered perfume bottles which allowed him after the war to become an industrial glassmaker, developing a keen sense of shapes, decorations, colors in glass and patinas. The Ronces vase is one of the first models in R. Lalique's catalog to be available in several colors. The colors are obtained by the addition of metallic oxides in the melting of the glass. The glass paste is prepared before being placed in the mold, it is melted then the metal oxides are added. So for blue glass we add cobalt, red glass with copper protoxide, yellow glass with silver oxide ...

If this piece is particularly close to my heart. It is undoubtedly because it is the first colored vase that I bought and of which I find the irreproachable form. She is sober, manly and extremely recognizable. The decor of brambles is very strong, it perfectly matches the shape of the vase. It is an object of very beautiful proportions.

Its slender soliflore shape allows it to express itself perfectly in a small space. Its decor is still very visible. For me, this is one of the great assets of this vase.

The Brambles vases are a hundred years old but they are absolutely not out of fashion. They blend in perfectly with any decor, which is a sign of the quality of this piece.

All these different qualities of the Ronces vase constitute a signature in itself. For that, this vase can only be from Lalique!