In the eyes of Xavier Chollet: the screen "Carnival in Venice" signed Daniel Louradour

Classicism, Orientalism, Surrealism… Xavier Chollet navigates between universes and brings the 18th and 19th centuries up to date, sometimes accompanying it with more modern pieces. This week, discover a “Carnival in Venice” screen signed Daniel Louradour.


"I present to you this screen signed Daniel Louradour," Carnival in Venice ", a very sweet scene to contemplate in this period of restrictions.


Daniel Louradour (1930-2007)

Painter, scenographer, lithographer, fresco artist and illustrator, Daniel Louradour creates numerous sets and costumes for the performing arts: cinema, theater, ballet and opera. His international career extends his influence from Europe to Russia, from the United States to Iran ...

His work rubs shoulders with different universes. Heir to the baroque style at times, closer to surrealism at other times, Louradour embraces the strange, disturbing him in his process of creation. An incorrigible romantic ...

Some qualify his work as "fantastic" and recognize the artist's eye immediately, it is moreover the Antic Art Design gallery which contributed to the deciphering of the signature, and I wanted to thank them for it.


A screen where reality and fantasy intertwine

This screen from the 1950s presents a poetic scene from the Carnival of Venice in an architectural setting with a view of the Grand Canal. Make-up women, dressed in costumes, accessories and luxurious adornments appear in the foreground, with all the grace that characterizes them. In the background, a multitude of costumed characters also stand out. 


The costumes of these painted figures are clearly inspired by the Renaissance and participate in the fantasy of this scene. An antique dealer friend, Jean-Marc Jager, restored the screen to bring liveliness and clarity to this oil painting. This piece hypnotizes by its colors, its depth, its spontaneity like a drawing without retouching. Beyond its decorative value, it is a real call to dream, a universe in which Louradour wants to immerse us. Such is his intention, the spirit of all his fruitful work resonates here with accuracy.


I bought this screen spontaneously, as if attracted by this universe. And it was also without thinking that I subsequently acquired many paintings by Daniel Louradour.


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