In the eyes of Yvan Royer: Table desk by Florence Knoll

Lovers of beautiful materials and refined lines, Yvan Royer presents today one of his favorites and no less icon of design:

“I am currently presenting on my booth, this magnificent table in American walnut, from Knoll International, designed by Florence Knoll. It measures 244 x 137 cm, it is the largest size that exists, for 12 people. The base is in chromed steel, a movable round runner under each foot makes it possible to adapt to all floors, even to Haussmannian parquet which is not straight.

It is a table that I sold 15 years ago to a client. I had restored it with a polyester varnish, very resistant. Three months ago, she contacted me to tell me that she was selling the property the table was in, so I decided to buy it back from her. Surprisingly, the varnish was impeccable.

I particularly like the oval shape of this table. I think there is never more elegant for a dining room, than a large oval table.

What I also like about this table is the wood. This walnut is exceptional, it has been very well worked and made in a single cut of wood, with the same trunk. There is also a very famous marble model, but the wooden model is extremely rare.

This table is exceptional, by the material used and its design. Its very simple and very sober shape works everywhere, it can go very well in an apartment of the beginning of the 18th century than a very contemporary apartment. In both cases it will be comfortable and very beautiful. It is a design icon and for me, one of the prettiest tables that exists.

I am considering offering it to a decorator with whom I work on a large apartment overlooking the Place des Victoires. I think that on the Versailles XVIIIth century floor, it will be magnificent.


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