Interview Claudie Mehl, the dolce vita choice

Bargain hunter at heart, Claudie Mehl embraced the profession to lead the life she had always dreamed of and have no regrets. A liberated woman and follower of the furniture of the 50s and 70s, come and meet this antique dealer for whom sweetness and design are unity.


Tell us about your background

Coming from a family of bargain hunters of Italian origin, I have been accompanying my grandparents and my parents to hunt since I was very little. Child, they promised me pralines to make me wait. Hunting was almost ritualistic, my family was are thus mostly furnished at the Flea Market. I also accompanied our neighbor antiques dealer to hunt, every summer, from 6 a.m. to find rare pearls. It was when I was a teenager that I, in turn, made my first acquisitions: posters to decorate my room. The world of antiques has always inspired me a lot!

The time for serious things then began and we had to work. I walked the roads as a sales executive in new technologies, sometimes coming to the Flea market on my working hours… The pleasure of the object has, from time to time , got the better of me, I confess. Ten years of that life and following the departure of a loved one, I finally took a whole new turn. I decided to listen to my craziest desires and to live without regret, the time for a professional retraining had come.

I then joined the EAC, School of Art and Culture, for training in the Art market and started off as a salesperson for various antique dealers. My career is strewn with "reasonable risks". I did things very gradually. So I came to Paul Bert Serpette in 2006, learning in Serpette to finally take my own booth in 2013, in Paul Bert.


Why Paul Bert Serpette?

I like Paul Bert Serpette it's a trendy market, pleasant to live in, where at the bend of an alley, personalities of the moment and professionals of the trade meet. I have also made lasting friendships within the market, also inspiring that benevolent. It is a universe of meetings, learning and sharing rocked by the love of the object.


What do you present on your booth?

When I worked for different antique dealers, I put my skills at the service of their tastes and continued to learn alongside them, on the styles and eras of the decorative arts. I therefore presented Napoleon III, the twentieth, etc ... My taste is quite heterogeneous in reality, I like both the classic and the design. In order to give unity to my booth, I have nevertheless broadened my selection, necessarily influenced by current trends, and have chosen to focus on the years 1950 to 1970. I also have a penchant for Italian furniture of that time, the curves, the roundness of the pieces, my origins undoubtedly play a role in this penchant.

Composing a booth is also a part of the job that particularly excites me.I always try to create a special atmosphere on my booth. I therefore strive to find lighting in harmony with each other, in order to play with the 'lighting and enhancing the pieces I have. It makes the furniture more lively. It also happens, sometimes, to buy a strong piece and spend the day hunting for objects in harmony with this piece in order to offer a homogeneous decor. Beyond total freedom, both in the choice of objects and in the management of time, no boredom for the antique dealers that we are! Our quality of life is incomparable!


Show us a favorite piece of yours 

I am currently presenting on my booth a piece of furniture in exotic wood and parchment with bronze handles. I would date it approximately from the 1940s. I am sensitive to the worked details of this piece, as well as to its "Africanist" aspect. It does not correspond to a particular trend but its originality immediately seduced my eye. Personally, I will build my decor around this piece of furniture, which is already very present.


New objects from Claudie Mehl