Interview : Maison Giraldi-Delmas

Nans Bouchet Giraldi and Gauthier Russo are two young merchants of 25 and 28 years old freshly settled to Paul Bert Serpette. We went to meet them to make you discover their universe.

Who are you ?

Gauthier Russo and Nans Bouchet-Giraldi. We met now 7 years ago. Our good understanding and our complementarity in the work pushed us to associate and to settle on the Paul Bert market 6 months ago. We have a fairly general training that allows us to have a global knowledge of the history of art, to better understand the future.

What is your speciality ?

We are interested in many things, but we tend to specialize in the post-modern furniture of the 1980s, mainly French and Italian. We particularly like the work of the designers who are also architects, because there is in their work a sculptural and more constructed dimension which is not only purely aesthetic, but which goes further in the search for the proportions and which seeks to question the look.

Why did you settle in the Paul Bert Market?

Most gallery owners have trained at the Puces de Paris-Saint Ouen. For us it's a must to make known, a challenge. The exercise of the scenography to renew constantly and the proximity of our elders is an atmosphere that fits us very well.

Is there an object on your booth that you want to put forward?

Even if we love all the objects of our booth, it would be the Mediabolo chair of the Nemo Group. These are two designers who became architects afterwards, but at that time too much at the forefront for it to work. This chair embodies the image of the 80's and 90's, intellectual research on ergonomics, while offering a completely new design. They come back to the idea that it is the function that gives an aesthetic and not the opposite. They do not try to make beauty, they try to make useful things intelligently and that's what gives a real beauty to the object. The materials used are very qualitative and the construction is exceptional. This chair was part of the furniture of the city of sciences in La Villette. After being in the public domain where everyone has used it and no one has recognized it, now the public rediscover it. Today it is presented on our booth and that's what we like.