Interview: Thomas Cattin

This week, we invite you to discover the world of Thomas Cattin. Antiques dealer in Paul Bert Serpette, Street Art's specialist and collector, this objects lover has no limit in his choices which are above all heart's desire ...

What is your background ?

When I was very young, I wanted to be an art dealer. I'm graduated from ICART, a school specializing in the art market. Following this, I organized exhibitions thenI worked in auction house at Cornette de Saint Cyr, then in galleries. When my career started, I was destined for contemporary art. At that time, it was the Gulf War and the sector exploded overnight, there was almost no work. So I practiced in real estate for 15 years while starting to collect art works. Being a regular in Paul Bert Serpette, I realized that Street Art was not represented, that's what motivated me to estabish a gallery by allowing me to combine passion and profession. Soon, the desire to develop something else was felt. My meeting with Anaïs Castelin, already a merchant to Paul Bert Serpette and furniture specialist 20th was decisive. We became partners and opened a space that combines our two worlds. Finally, in September a new stand was created in which the moods are mixed.

Why did you choose to settle in Paul Bert Serpette?

I come here since I was 15, I've always loved Antiques Market. Being isolated in a gallery does not fit me. I really like the Paul Bert Serpette atmosphere and I wanted to bring something new, which is in the current trends and not found at all on the market. I wanted to bring a different atmosphere. In Paul Bert Serpette, we meet very different people, from fashion, cinema, street... There is a lot of passage and you never get bored.

What are your specialties?

My specialty is contemporary art, but I define myself as eclectic and above all in love with objects. When I fall in love in front of a piece, the period does not matter to me, I have no limits. My two booths in alley 1 show mainly street art, always with a small piece of furniture. I like to have well chosen objects and mix old and contemporary. In my new booth, I created a global deco universe with selected pieces of great designers like a Mangiarotti table or a Pierre Chaposhelf, but also paintings of contemporary artists that I defend.

Do you have a piece that you want to highlight?

I have concrete animals dating from the beginning of 1900 that were made in Germany. They were part of a zoo decor. I chose these pieces because they are completely atypical and unusual, like me.