Jean Cervantes, eternal hunter' soul

After starting his career in the field of modern and contemporary painting as a salesman and then director of several art galleries, Jean Cervantes directed very beautiful houses and then moved to his own account as a broker. Many times between Europe and the United States, his travels have cultivated his openness to the world and nourished his soul bargain. Jean Cervantes became an antique dealer at Paul Bert Serpette and has managed Cervantes Antique since 1989, presenting on his booth pieces of any time according to his crushes and obviously some paintings of choice.

What is your background ?

I have an art enthusiast career. I remember writing my first letter to a gallery director at the age of 14. At that time, I did not understand why he thought I was "too young" to work while I was just waiting for it. Painting first animated my life, as an esthete but also as a merchant, I made collections of paintings whose works are now in museums. At the time, painting was a matter of love, of passionate people, of knowledgeable collectors, and the money was almost secondary, a small closed world where everything remained "accessible" Also very touched by the Art Brut, I was a few years President of the SIAN, International Exhibition of Naïve Art. My second passion is that of the books, the ones that we collect but also those which I read, that made me become a pucier. A friend asked me to help her to empty her apartment from records , books and objects of all kinds. I then came to a flea market and offered the lot to a merchant. A few weeks later, I became his partner. The sequel is classic, I am pucier in the traditional sense of the term, I claim it and make fun of it. 


Tell us about your specialty

I collected and sold the Italian glassware of the 20th century but do not consider me as a specialist, apart from modern and contemporary painting. For me, it is difficult to resist to an object that touches me, which I know that such collector or such other antique dealer will buy it from me. I practice a profession-passion, each purchase is an impulse and each sale the proof that it was the good one. I am a generalist who still dazes still on a small fair as in the sales room or on a neighbor booth. At heart, I am the opposite of a specialist, I remain attentive to the market, adapting as much as possible to its trends and customers now very active on social networks.


What does Paul Bert Serpette represent for you?

Paul Bert Serpette is on a roll. It is probably characterized by the quality and diversity of both the products it offers and the customers who frequent it. It represents an international platform with a very good historical reputation. Our challenge is to maintain this capital, with all the necessary adaptations. The arrival of the digital is fierce, in the sense that the paradigm is changed, leaving now the same space to a "ebayeur" as ourselves, professionals. Our eternal savior and best selling point remains to offer the opportunity for customers to see and touch the pieces. 


Do you have a piece that you want to put forward?

I chose to put forward a collector's item to which I am very attached and which I have never exposed. This sculpture is at the same time rare because a woman is the artist, that is unusual since it is not an accessory, as required however the production of the artists at le Printemps. The prices of this artist's vases amounts to several tens of thousands of euros, except exception. It is also very likely that this maternity has been exposed to the Pavillion Primavera of the 1925 World Exhibition.