Jean-Charles Ribes or the art of traveling through furniture

Passionate about Design, Jean-Charles Ribes has scoured the country with a certain pleasure of sharing and the same desire to promote designers from all around the world. Embrace the eclecticism on the booth of this antique dealer for whom the borders leave only a creative wealth to be discovered.



Tell us about your background

After a diploma in Interior Architecture Design and Decoration at the École Supérieure des Arts Modernes ESAM Paris, I was very quickly attracted by the trade of Art, Antiques and Design. In 1980, I then opened a first, then a second consignment. I also created several galleries of Antiquities, Design & Creations in different French regions and participated in several fairs and exhibitions of Antiquities Design, in France and abroad.

Over the past thirty-five years, I have been present in practically all the Saint Ouen flea markets.


This profession, the result of meetings and human contacts more enriching than each other, also gives rise to permanent discoveries. What satisfaction to find oneself in a house or at an unpacking, around 5 am, and to discover a new object, a rare painting or a charming piece of furniture… An antique dealer never stops learning and never sinks in this way. in monotony. It was in 2000 that my choice fell more particularly on Serpette.


What does Paul Bert Serpette represent for you?

Paul Bert Serpette is in my eyes the most dynamic market, at the forefront of the trend. A reference where decorators, designers and artists from all over the world come to draw their inspiration or buy the pieces they are looking for.


What can we find on your booth?

Since always, my pleasure, since my profession is not a job but a passion, has been to privilege the contrasts of styles, eras and materials.

My booth is constantly evolving, according to trends and my desires. However, I mainly like to exhibit the periods from 1940 to the 1990s, creations by artists and designers from all countries, often in unique pieces. Between the elegant madness of Italy, the warm and luminous sobriety of Scandinavia… I remain very sensitive to the strength of the contrast of the materials. North and South America, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, France… The many talents of the world crossing the ages thus represent for me a real playground!


Tell us about a favorite piece

At the moment, I am presenting, among other things, an important curved sofa from the 1960s, with particularly fluid and elegant shapes; placed on a solid oak cradle. It was designed by the Swedish Johannes Andersen, and edited by Trensum. It is in my opinion the symbol of the culmination of an aesthetic and functional reflection.


New objects from Jean-Charles Ribes