Jean-Marc Hervier: merchant, decorator, traveler...

Enter the luxurious vintage setting of Jean-Marc Hervier, tinged with glamor and a rock spirit, skilfully mixing pieces from great Italian, American and French designers. An eye seasoned by a career in fashion and events, at the service of the love for decoration...

What is your background ?

I started my career with Thierry Mugler, in the press and communication department I accompanied him during his heyday and he hired me as executive producer of the clip for "Too funky" by Georges Michael.

I then worked with Yamina Benguigui and Marie-Christiane Marek Together we produced the first “Paris Mode” program on Paris Première We wanted the public to be able to attend the fashion shows as if they were in the front row of the shows, in prime time It was a real success story This who got me spotted by Publicis, who put me in touch with Galeries Lafayette and for 10 years, I worked on their big events.

I did a lot of scenography in events, I worked with Italian clients for the realization of hotels, private houses...

I was also an agent of artists that I exhibited a lot at Maison & Objets For me, art is an integral part of decoration.

I hunted a lot at Puces de Paris Saint-Ouen for my scenographies, for my clients. When the projects stopped at the time of the first confinement, I asked myself the question of taking a stand at Paul Bert Serpette, knowing the place and certain merchants very well. This project is is therefore carried out during the summer of 2021.

I was very well received at Paul Bert Serpette. It is for me the only market that attracts such a large foreign clientele There is no equivalent throughout the world.

Tell us about your universe

I like the universe of the 30 glorious years, the very relaxed side, but always in very dark, glam and rock atmospheres I play a lot with monochromes and never exceed two or three colors in my decorations I particularly appreciate precious materials I I don't have a favorite period, I prefer to mix the elements. I love the classic too! My reference gallery is the Kraemer gallery, which mixes contemporary art and the great French historical periods. I also really like Italian and American design.

In my decorations, I give a special place to light I work on the lighting meticulously because I think that light dresses an interior almost more than a piece of furniture I never overload my decorations with objects, I am not a fan of hoarding.

In my way of building a set, I always make it a point of honor to link the elements from a central piece I always start with an element that I will then decline.

Which antique dealer are you?

I am above all a merchant decorator. I buy a lot depending on where I am going to put things I am not interested in decoration without functionality, above all I want the interiors to be practical and that the customer feels good I like the lounge and relax spirit of the large living rooms.

I am also a real globetrotter, my travels are a great source of inspiration in my work.

My activity in fashion and events nourishes my work as a merchant every day. I have learned a lot from these very intense professions where deadlines are very short and there is no room for error..


portrait © Lucie Sassiat


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