Juncal and Jean-Pierre Carpentier, light emanates from the heart

Juncal and Jean-Pierre Carpentier
Juncal and Jean-Pierre Carpentier

At both Paul Bert Serpette and home, Juncal and Jean-Pierre Carpentier form a duo of total complementarity. A certain taste for adventure, a thirst for discoveries and the pleasure of exchanging with customers regarding their common passions. Chandeliers with pendants and gilded bronzes, Baccarat crystal and Murano glass… This week, light on an emblematic couple of Paul Bert Serpette.

How did you become a couple of antique dealers?

Jean-Pierre Carpentier : My father was an antique dealer at Paul Bert Serpette and had started 70 years ago, at the same time as the creation of the market. When he bought his first booth, it was not even built, it was unpacking on the floor ! As a child, I spent my time here, on a tricycle in the alleys. When I had to choose my professional orientation, I had the choice between surgeon and antique dealer. Not wanting to do 12 years of study to start make a living, so I chose the flea market.

Juncal : At first, I was in communication and advertising, then I started working for an antique dealer in parallel with my activity. The first day, at the first hour, during an unpacking, I saw the one who would be my future husband. So I married the man, but also the antique dealer and by force of circumstances, I caught the virus of antiquity. I brought a commercial touch to the shop.

What are you presenting on your booth ?

Jean-Pierre : My father was a generalist and we came to the fixture in a fairly logical way. We had a bronze restoration workshop and since we find a lot of them on the chandeliers, we bought some to restore them and we naturally came to sell it. Even now, I restore myself the chandeliers that I present.

On the booth, you will mainly find chandeliers from the 19th century.

Juncal : 15 years ago, we started to buy pieces of old planes to create furniture. I invested a lot in this part. It fascinates me to know the origin of the pieces and to know what the we can do with it. It also allows Jean-Pierre to bring out his creativity.

Jean-Pierre : We have always appreciated objects that are out of the ordinary, out of dimension and that doesn't get better over time! For example, we have a chandelier that measures 4 meters high and 4 meters wide.

What does it mean to you to work as a couple?

Juncal : The couple is made up of concessions and compromises, it is the same when we work together ! We have two different, but complementary points of view. Jean-Pierre likes to work in the old way, I like the openness on social networks.

Jean-Pierre : If you give me tools, I do what I want with it. If you give me a computer, it goes out of the window ! What I like is the creative part and the restoration.

Juncal : Having worked in communication, I have a different mindset, I am more open to trying to understand new ways of selling. I trained in social networks to follow the movements of my time and this allowed us to have new contacts.

Working together is enriching because we have a passionate job, we learn a lot about objects, their stories…

Jean-Pierre : Working together, it welds or breaks. The antique dealers are very creative and know how to highlight objects. Paul Bert Serpette is a source of inspiration for many, it is a trendy market.

Do you have an anecdote to tell us about a piece?

Jean-Pierre : 40 years ago, I bought a series of 9 Baccarat chandeliers, a special order which dates from the beginning of the XXth century. On these chandeliers, crystal balls were missing. 10 years later, my father found on a flea market in Cannes, the original balls, with the bronze rod. It was not just the same model, but indeed missing pieces of the chandeliers. It's incredible, but the story does not end there… I had two chandeliers left and I was missing a ball. So on the road in Russia, Juncal calls me and tells me that she has just found the crystals on the Internet. They have been waiting for me wisely in Nancy, for 10 years… It's a crazy story ! 


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