Love at first sight : Pierre Chapo's coat rack

Anchored in French tradition, Pierre Chapo freed himself from the industrial nature of post-war furniture to approach craftsmanship, placing refinement and woodworking at the heart of his creations.

Born in Paris in 1927 into a family of craftsmen, Pierre Chapo discovered a passion for wood at a very young age, following an encounter with a naval carpenter. He then studied architecture at the National School of Fine Arts. From 1951, he made many trips that would greatly influence his creations. Scandinavia, the United States and South America are for him so many discoveries which confirm his desire to work with wood.

In 1957, he created with Nicole, his companion, the Chapo company, an architectural design office and interior design firm. The following year, they inaugurate their gallery in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, a gallery that will hold a place of great importance.

Supporter of Le Corbusier's research on the golden ratio, Pierre Chapo combines this concept in his creations with the functionalism of domestic life.

From the work of Pierre Chapo we retain the importance of the use of solid wood (elm for the majority of his furniture), associated with innovative structures giving rise to assemblies of great intelligence. A patent will even be filed for one of its so-called "48x72" assemblies.

The aesthetics of Pierre Chapo, precise and harmonious, can be found in this coat rack with its refined and functional character. The use of solid elm makes it a very warm piece that will find its place in many interiors.

The originality of this piece lies in its modular hooks, which can be moved to adapt to your hanging needs.