Maggy Bravard, a well-placed curiosity

If for many years Paul Bert Serpette has forged a reputation as a prescriber of trends, it is undoubtedly thanks to passionate antique dealers like Maggy Bravard. Installed for more than 40 years to Paul Bert Serpette, the alleys of the market have no more secret for her. After all these beautiful years to see the best names of the 50s design come to her hands, Maggy remains an inveterate hunter. Wake up the bargain-hunter inside you and come to find pieces worthy of the most important decoration magazines.

What is your background ?

I always have a lot of time! When I arrived in Paris with my husband in 1968, we spent our weekends hunting to Paul Bert Serpette to furnish us.

At that time, a large number of antique dealers presented pieces of the early 20th and I was very attracted to Art Deco.

At one point, I wondered about my future. My main passion was to hunt and by coming here regularly, I started with a friend and overnight, we registered in the trade register. We have gathered objects and started unpacking in Vanves with our 4L and our barnum.

We quickly had the ambition to get closer to Paul Bert Serpette. At the time, many antique dealers unpacked rue Paul Bert and they let us a small place. We unpacked every Monday. After a while we wanted to buy a booth, so I took the 414 in 1976. We only presented Art Deco furniture, fabulous pieces.

Where does this passion for bargain come from?

I do not really know where this passion comes from ... I'm curious about everything, I'm very interested in objects and I'm one of those antique dealers who prefer to hunt rather than sell.

What do you present on your booth?

Over time, Art Deco became very expensive and rare, then finally went out of fashion. So I started to buy furniture from the 40s. Then I came naturally to the 50s and almost stopped at this period. I also have a lot of ceramics. I have a fairly wide range of nationalities in the pieces I present. You can find Pierre Paulin's fireside chairs, Marco Zanuso's armchairs and pieces by Bastiano da Costa. a Portuguese designer but also lighting and lots of ceramics

I find the furniture of the 50s very cheerful and colorful. The shapes are very beautiful, it is functional and elegant furniture.

Can you tell us about a piece of your booth that is important to you?

I love this pair of Marco Zanuso Lady armchairs I started buying pieces of this designer about fifteen years ago. One day I found a pair on the unpacking of Le Mans at 100 €. This was not very famous yet. I found the design beautiful and made inquiries. I found an upholsterer who restored them, it was magic! I sold a lot of them later. They are extraordinary comfortable, the design is beautiful, everything is gathered to make exceptional pieces. The Lady armchair is typical of the 50s but has, at the same time, a Timeless character. In important decorating magazines, you will always find a pair of Zanuso.

What does Paul Bert Serpette represent for you?

For me, it represents everything. It's THE market, the favorite place of the decorators. This is where the trends are born. It's a magical market where you can find everything and specially beautiful pieces. It's always such a pleasure to come working here, and when i'll leave, it will be definitive, i will certainly not go to set up on another market !