Make your Grand Tour at Bernard Tinivella's booth



A veritable little museum staged in a theatrical way, Bernard Tinivella's booth projects you straight into the era of the Grand Tour ... But this antique dealer has made his humanities and likes to transmit his passion to sculptures lovers at Paul Bert Serpette ... Bring a little magic in this world, that is his ambition. 


What led you to do this job ?


I come from a family in which we have always owned antiques, my taste has been fashioned like that I have done many things in my life outside antiques and I chose this profession above all for freedom ... I do not like authority.

The click came on the day when one of my neighbors who is antique dealer took me to Drouot. I bought a beautiful gardener and out, a gentleman offered me directly to buy it to me for 5000 Fr. At that time I thought it was a wonderful job. We think we have an eye and it's very rewarding. For me the Object is something miraculous and extraordinary, deeply rooted in me. When I'm arrived at Paul Bert Serpette, I presented all types of objects and I provided the other antique dealers. Today, I only sell sculpture because it's really what fascinates me.


Can you present your booth ?


On my booth, you will firstly find neoclassical pieces because it is a period that interests me particularly. At the end of the XVIIIth century were updated the ruins of Pompeii and that gave birth to a return to the antique. The rediscovery of great philosophers has hatched a new thought and engendered the creation of a new world. In the arts, this is reflected in the neoclassical style, with great sculptors like Canovas and all the values of beautiful, sublime. That fascinates me and is the engine of my love for sculpture. I also present Roman pieces, but the prices are very important and people are not always ready to buy.

I am a collector of antiquities and all that I present on my booth could as well be at home. As soon as I sell a sculpture, I rush to go buy something else ... It surely could be psychoanalyzed!

At the moment, we feel a real craze for sculpture because it fits very well with twentieth furniture.


What does Paul Bert Serpette represent for you?


For me, Paul Bert Serpette is a love of more than 30 years. I would not be anywhere else but here, it's all my life. I've had shops in many places, but it's here that I want to be. Paul Bert Serpette is a place that is unavoidable thanks to its excellent antique dealers.


Introduce us a piece of your booth 


I particularly like this small alabaster head. It has nothing to do with what I used to present because it is a Flemish school of the Renaissance. The artist who made it put something else that a simple representation of a goddess or a god. From this sculpture emerges all the essence of the man, the renewal of a world which was extraordinary ... It is a work of a magnificent quality. This piece was on a facade, maybe a religious building. It's our life, we swim in it and I dream even at night. I am now at the end of my career and I want to please myself. I would like to buy the whole world, not for money but to convey it and show it.


New objects from Bernard Tinivella

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