Marceau Galliot, the blooming

After having lived in the United States and in Argentina, it is to Paul Bert Serpette that Marceau Galliot has taken up residence. Fruit of tender memories of childhood, to hunt and be inspired in the alleys contributes today to its absolute blooming. Between ceramics , sketches and furniture, discover the delicious marriage of the old with the twentieth century on the booth of this antique dealer of passion and impulse.

Tell us about your background

It all started with childhood memories… Very sensitive to the world of antiques and decoration, my parents took pleasure in hunting and soaking up trends at the Saint Ouen flea market. Old furniture was in our house! Very early on, I hooked up with Paul Bert Serpette and developed my taste along the alleys… Hunting with family, going to auction houses and learning from antique dealers was therefore a real family pastime. Beyond my studies of art history, I especially learned this profession in the auction room, a "real school" in my opinion.

After looking for myself for a few years through various experiences in catering, or in journalism, I started on a whim. It was in Lyon, in 1995, that I embraced the profession for 3 years to finally set on San Francisco and open an antique store from 1999 to 2007. I then put aside my love of the object and tried to open a restaurant in Argentina with my companion. From profession to other, I kept this dimension of human exchange, primordial in my eyes. Life brought us back to San Francisco then brought us back to Paris, closer to our loved ones.

I did not immediately relaunch my antiques business but tried the experience of opening a restaurant again. However, I quickly realized that I continued to hunt in parallel with my activity. I've never stopped shopping in the auction house, in garage sales, second-hand shops, unpacking in the provinces and flea markets in other cities sometimes. I piled up my finds in my apartment… So I made the decision to fill this lack. I waited a long time to get a booth at Paul Bert Serpette. It was then in June 2019, I was finally able to settle in aisle 4 of Paul Bert.


Why Paul Bert Serpette?

Paul Bert Serpette has always been my favorite market. A market that has kept its authenticity. I love the atmosphere, the paradoxically anachronistic and trendy aspect that reigns in the alleys. This job thrives me completely and the pleasure drives me still every morning, bargain hunting, passing on, discovering new products in the alleys… The benevolence between antique dealers also inspires me a lot, we form a "small clan" with its quarrels and its spirit of solidarity...


What do you present on your booth ?

As a general practitioner, I present favorites pieces from the 18th century to the 70s with a penchant for ceramics, from Vallauris to Italian ceramics and everything related to the animal world... I am also a big fan of Fornasetti, in spite of the difficulty to find his old pieces, trays or ceramics of great value… A big lover of Pierre Paulin and minimalist illustrations by Marcel Vertès, I can also succumb to watercolors and atypical decorative objects ... At the moment, I am presenting on my booth a Directoire period sofa, with beautiful, simple lines, adorned with sculptures draped in front of and bundles of lictors on the sides; a painting "Cock fight" made with shards of a bottle stuck on a burlap… The work and the composition are very interesting even if my research concerning the name of the artist, Petitdidier, has not yet been completed.


I am not a supporter of the total look but a great follower of the mixture of eras and styles. An 18th century sofa, a Vallauris pitcher and a designer lamp in the same living room, in my opinion, contribute to the character of the room.


Tell us about a favorite piece of yours 

A terracotta pelican made for Primavera most likely around the 1930s. Beyond the coldness that the immobility of a sculpture can generate, its head is friendly and makes it endearing! I must admit that he spent some time at home on a table near the sofa, and I sometimes even caught myself talking to him… This is one of the advantages of this job: you can change the decor regularly, buy objects, keep them at home for a while and then replace them to bring them to the booth, it's a continuous renewal ...


New objects from Marceau Galliot