Marie Tourre de Robien & Bálint Ferencz

Recently installed in the alleys of Paul Bert Serpette, this Franco-Hungarian couple passionate about art and design honors artists from Eastern Europe and carefully selected design pieces. A committed choice, nourished by the contribution of their two cultures on a stand in their image, where love of art and love are combined.


What is your background ?

Before arriving at Paul Bert Serpette, we lived in London for 6 years, worked at Sotheby's and in galleries. During the Brexit/Covid period, we decided to move to Hungary, Balint's country of origin, with whom he has always worked in the art market. There, we started presenting our selection of pieces at fairs.


Why to Paul Bert Serpette?

I often came to Puces when I was a child and I really wanted to go back to my roots. It had been a long time since I had been back, as soon as we arrived with Bálint, something clicked. Paul Bert Serpette was really the place we wanted to be and which corresponded perfectly to the way we like to work.


What are your specialties?

Bálint is an expert in Hungarian, Polish and Czech modern art, with very big names like Simon Hantaï, Judith Reigl or Vasarely, but also lesser known ones that we like to introduce to France like János Fajó and Sándor Kecskeméti, very famous in Eastern Europe. For my part, I am more focused on vintage furniture, not particularly from Eastern Europe at the start, but by force of circumstance, I have become one.

We like to talk about the art and design of these countries, artists who do not necessarily have international recognition, but who are very well known in this region. Nevertheless, we can also present pieces from other European countries, if we like them. We also present prints, which allows us to make accessible major artists that we love, such as Vasarely.


Tell us about your current favorite

We have three particularly interesting serigraphs by Victor Vasarely. They were produced in collaboration with the French poet, Jacques Roubaud. Vasarely is the creator of optical art, a new artistic trend that plays with the fallibility of the eye, through games or optical illusions.

These three proofs date from 1975, they are signed but not numbered, because it is a first print made by the artist to offer it to his friend Jean Louis Ferrier (professor at the National School of Decorative Arts, art critic and journalist at the Express then at the newspaper Le Point).

They go with a collection of poems printed in 125 copies, whose theme is centered around light. Jacques Roubaud was also a mathematician, so his work fits very well with that of Vasarely. We find in his poems many games of spaces, forms, sonnets completely decomposed, all of this is perfectly related to the kinetic art of Vasarely.

Shimmering colors and geometry, these prints are totally true to the aesthetic we love. This collection, a four-handed work, is a Franco-Hungarian mix, a bit like us. Like our stand, it is the result of an encounter between two stories and two regions.


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