Michaël Vosseler, the passion of the 20th century

At the corner of Serpette's alleys 5 and 6, the bright Michaël Vosseler's booth is a travel through the twentieth century and its styles, where trendy pieces and objects crush are mixed together. A destiny, a straight line path to his dreamed job antique dealer he has been exercising for 22 years with passion to Paul Bert Serpette.

What is your background ?

I have always loved antiques, largely thanks to my mother who collected them and gave me the taste of objects. I made my first purchase at the age of 10, an 18th teapot I had bought with the money received at Easter. Toddler I started to flea markets, buying and selling. After the baccalaureate, I enrolled in Art History and archeology at the Sorbonne. After my mastery, I wanted to work in the field of antiquities. I had the opportunity to work for a year as a salesman for a merchant at Paul Bert, specialized in the twentieth century, then at another one, specialist of classic furniture. After these two experiences, I started to work on my own. It is now twenty years that I work for myself, it is a dream that became reality.

What is your speciality ?

At first I was a generalist, but over the years I got closer to the 20th century. I love everything in the 20th century and I present pieces from all periods, ranging from Art Nouveau, Viennese Secession, Art & Craft, until the 1980s. Every decade is very beautiful and interesting, it's a very rich period in which there is already so much to discover. 

How do you choose the objects you present?

There are already two essential points. Firstly I buy what I like, secondly what is up to date. It is useless to buy something that is not in the trend, we must meet the demand. 

What do you like in the antique trade?

What I prefer is to buy. I love getting up early to go shopping in the province with the same hope of making the coup of the century. This almost never happens but we still have, from time to time, some nice surprises and this is the moment that is very exciting. And all the restoration aspect is also stimulating, it gives me a lot of pleasure to give a second life to an object. I also like to create new contacts with customers and sell a piece to someone who will cherish it at home. I like to know where the pieces I select will go.

What is the trend of the moment?

Rattan is currently very fashionable, I sell a lot for two years. Travertine coffee tables are popular and chairs covered with clear fabric ... We favor the rather simple and modern forms.

What does Paul Bert Serpette represent for you?

I arrived at Paul Bert Serpette a bit by chance, starting to work with a merchant, and over time I realized that it was the most buoyant market and that in any case I would not have liked to settle in another market afterwards. There is a large variety of customers. My offer is quite wide and I touch a motley clientele.

Which part of your stand would you like to highlight?

I have a patchwork that I like a lot. We often see tapestries on the market, but few quilts. It is inspired by the painting of the years 1920-1930 and more particularly of the Doll of Hans Bellmer. Its colors are very beautiful, I like it a lot and if I do not sell it, I will be very happy to put it at home.