Sparkle with Catherine and Marine Atlan

As lively as they are joyful, Catherine and Marine Atlan present a booth in their image: between rattan furniture, farm tables, clean lines and colorful ceramics… Freshly launched into the adventure, this mother-daughter duo continues to learn at Paul Bert Serpette and brighten up the alleys...


Tell us about your background

Catherine : We had the restaurant "A family affair" in Saint Ouen, in the heart of the Flea market. Very attracted by decoration, my daughter Marine and I have always hunted around, in particular to furnish the restaurant or our respective homes. Six years in service and frequenting antique dealers and professionals in the trade were enough to convince us to try the adventure.


Marine : We used to go for a walk in the Flea markets and observe emerging trends. But when we took the bet to get started and let our taste speak for itself, our beginnings encountered some obstacles. How to know where to find certain pieces, to value our objects , propose scenographies… The benevolence of the merchants was of a precious help and we could easily qualify Éric Fleuret and Philippe Colangelo of pygmalions.


Catherine : Yes, we are self-taught and if we have certainly learned the trade "on the job", these two antique dealers have guided us a lot and continue to support us even today. After having understood the profession and discovered its backstage, we are starting to assimilate the rites and customs of the merchant. It's been a year and a half since we settled in Paul Bert Serpette and, beyond having developed our clientele, we have forged real links with certain antique dealers.


And Why Paul Bert Serpette?

Marine : The prestige of Paul Bert Serpette is no longer to be proven. The quality of the pieces offered, the passion of the antique dealers and the fame of the customers rule the alleys. The whole world chines in this market and immense artists and designers draw from it their inspiration. Mutual assistance between antique dealers is also invaluable and those who could doubt our legitimacy encourage us today to continue.


Catherine : As former restaurateurs, relationships stimulate us. Paul Bert Serpette's heterogeneous clientele therefore participates in this emulation. The antique dealers present very different selections and come from universes at the antipodes of each other. Some are retirees of a first career, installed in a stand to present their collections acquired over the years, others combine activities, between decorator, antique dealer or artist ... Still others remain early merchants, known as the seraglio, an inestimable human wealth!


What do you offer on your booth ?

Catherine : We only buy what we like, what we could bring home and match our interiors. But if I want to give back to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, it is Marine who searches for most of the time.

Marine : I would rather say that we are complementary, Mom sometimes resonates with me in my choices and guide me. We mainly offer rattan, ceramics from Vallauris or Germany, for their bright colors, mirrors and farm tables.

Catherine : Rattan goes through the years and if it is treated with care, remains in perfect condition In order to adapt our pieces to the seasons, we now present on our stand a predominance of rattan in summer and mainly wood in winter. As we are not expert in art, our furniture and decorative objects remain affordable. Marine applies to create scenographies and change the layout of the stand regularly to help certain customers to project themselves.


Tell us about a last crush

We recently found an elm table, in the spirit of a “farm table” dating from the 1950s. The dimensions are ideal for large family meals: 220 cm by 72 cm. Its appearance could be associated with the tables of René Gabriel, although however more refined ... We present this table with a set of Danish teak chairs dating from the 70s. Although sold separately, the harmony emerging from this assembly of teak chairs / elm table seems right to us.


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