The Mitzi sofa by Hans Hollein

Hans Hollein was born in 1934 in Vienna, Austria. He is one of the best-known representatives of post-modernism. His creations cover many fields, architecture, design, town planning… He likes to confuse these disciplines. For Hollein "Everything is architecture", it conditions the physical and psychological state of individuals...

Hans Hollein designed the Mitzi sofa in 1981, for Poltronova. This piece of furniture highlights a rigorous design, while staging a dialectic between different connotations and symbolism. Cushions filled with polyurethane foam and soft wool fabric sit alongside the rigidity of walnut. But this one is treated in a very refined way, thanks to the use of a blond burl veneer. The Mitzi sofa is also the result of craftsmanship.

In its general form, Hollein evokes the Viennese Art Deco visual imagery from which it draws its inspiration. This sofa is a real encounter between Art Deco and pop. Its bright colors perfectly embrace its sculptural aspect which expresses a joyful exuberance.

With its duality between softness and rigidity, archetypal form and modernity, the Mitzi sofa fits into both the most contemporary and the most eclectic interiors.