Extendable Dining Table / Extendable Dining Table by / By "Torrens et fils"



Torrens et Fils :: Remarkable and ingenious tall dining table 8/10 persons

Period: circa 1970

Materials: Oak wood veneered and yellow-orange color, black lacquered metal for the top, black lacquered metal base / oak wood veneered and yellow-orange colour, black lacquered metal:

8 possibilities / - possibilities: console / half moon console / round table / oval table x 5


1- Console: H 75 cm x W 90 cm x W 33 cm
2-Half moon console / Half moon console: H 75 cm x W 90 cm x W 47.5 cm
3- Round table / Round table: H 75 cm x D 90 cm
4- Oval table + 1 extension (1 small extension / 1 small extension): H 75 cm x L 127 x W 90 cm
5- Oval table + 1 large extension (1 large extension / 1 big extension); H 75cm x L 145 x W 90cm
6- Oval table + 2 extensions (1 small + 1 large / small and big extension: H 75 cm x L
7- Oval table + 2 extensions (2 large extensions): H 75 cm x L 200 cm x W 90 cm
8- Oval table + 3 extensions (2 large + 1 small extensions / 2 large + 1 small extensions): H 75 cm x L 237 cm x W 90 cm

State / condition: excellent

Comments / Comments: here is a beautiful, practical and qualitative dining table model, with an "accordion" system. It is a very well thought out, stable, functional and practical aesthetic piece for urban interiors in particular. The base has a Bahaus-type constructivist appearance.
Here is a stunning, convenient and very qualitative model of a dinning table with an articulated "accordion" system. It is an aesthetic piece and very well thought out, stable, functional and practical for cities interiors particulary.

Note / to note: regarding transport, this table must be transported in its smallest format, the extensions slide underneath! the table has to be transported bent as a console, the extensions will be slid underneath after being bubble packed!

Transport: reasonable price since this table will be transported closed / reasonable transport price as it will be delivered closed like the console picture shows it!

4800 €

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