Small console, André Sornay (1902-2000)

Nathalie Dupuis
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CategoryHall tables, wall tables
Period20th century
StyleDesign 50-60
Note: The dimensions are those of the work alone
Length 3 ft 7.3 in
Height2 ft 0.8 in
Depth 1 ft 2.6 in
Condition In a perfect state

Small console in solid mahogany and orange lacquered wood by André Sornay.

André Sornay worked out a system of fast assembly of the pieces of furniture of which he deposits the various patents between 1953 and 1955, which he names the "Sornay tigette". This process is the basis of the whole "kit" furniture system used today. The assembly of the furniture is limited to the assembly of a rear frame provided with threaded inserts intended to receive the pins and a front frame. The nuts are left visible on the front.

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Nathalie Dupuis
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Price upon request
Price upon request
Price upon request
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