1880′ Pair Of Baccarat Vases, The Crystal Staircase, Japanese Period Gilt Bronze Base Signed

ABC Pascal


The beginnings: crystal and gilded bronze

Marie Jeanne Rosalie Désarnaud (1775 -1842) opened her store around 1808 in the galleries of the Palais-Royal garden with her brother Philippe Auguste Charpentier (1781-1815), a renowned engraver of semi-precious stones and crystal.
The 1880s, Japonism
After Japan's participation in the Universal Exhibition of 1867 and the discovery of its art so different from traditional European criteria, a real craze manifested itself. European artistic production then followed this fashion and many artists and cabinetmakers specialized in Japanese creations.
Pair of diamond-tipped crystal vases with a gilded bronze base decorated with acorns and oak leaves.
These vases bear the Baccarat stamp.
Height: 28 cm
Base Width: 14cm X 14cm
Vase width at the neck: 8 x 8 cm

12000 €

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