Pillbox "Veronese" Translucent Translucent Ambrée Glass - Venice Murano Venini - Glassware early twentieth

Les couloirs du temps
Pill box called "Veronese", of Venini - Venice Murano
Pill box called "Veronese", of Venini - Venice Murano


CategoryGlasses, vases and glass objects
Period20th century
StyleHaute époque, Renaissance, Louis XIII
Height4.7 in
Diameter 2.4 in
Weight 90 g
Condition Good condition

Pill box called "Veronese",
(inspired by the painting "The Annunciation" by Veronese, exhibited at the Venice Museum).
Blown glass, slightly amber, translucent.
Venini, early twentieth, Venice-Murano.
Amphora form footouche annelated ring cup, with pontil.
Lip edge hemmed.
Tiny little bubbles in transparency.
Dimensions: 12.4 cm height x 6.5 cm diameter
Weight: 90 gr

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