Robert Rauschenberg / Mixed media

Calvin et Calvin


Robert Rauschenberg

Combines, composed of 13 pieces cut and assembled by hand:
Screen print (3), engraving with relief (1), photo (4), collage of newspapers (5)

Signed, numbered and dated, all in pencil by Robert Rauschenberg.

On Arches paper, with Gemini Gel dry stamp.

Each copy is unique, part of a series of 97 copies, all different.
The work offered here is numbered 12/85

YEAR: 1972

TITLE: Horsefeathers Thirteen

DIMENSIONS: 76 cm x 56 cm with margins

CONDITION: Perfect condition

Condition In a perfect state
Width 76 cm
Length 56 cm
8000 €

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Calvin et Calvin
Samuel Dambrin
Marché Paul Bert
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