From living-room lamps to office lamps, light fixtures are essential to every household, no matter what style or period. The first lamps emerged as early as Antiquity. In the mid 19th century they flourished with the invention of the Carcel lamp, which was automatically regulated by an ingenious mechanism. In 1879, Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, electric lamps became more widespread. Many different materials can be used for a lamp. Until the late 1800s, lamps were mostly made out of non-combustible materials like metal, glass or ceramics (for example Théodore Deck or Barbedienne). There are some exceptions, like the lamps mounted on 18th century wood base or using jade or stones from Asia. The golden age for lamps was the 20th century. Great lighting companies develop: Baguès, Charles, Reggiani, Poliarte, Arteluce or Veronese. Famous names have signed pieces, like Carlo Nason, Gio Ponti, Michel Arman, Jean-Claude Mahey, Mario Torregiani or Perzel.