Alexandre Falguière (1831-1900) 'The little centaur' Patinated bronze proof. Hebrard cast iron



Alexandre Falguière (1831-1900)

'The little centaur'

Rare patinated bronze proof.

AA Hebrard font signed and numbered.

Circa 1910.


Biography of the sculptor:

A scholarship holder from the Toulouse School of Fine Arts, which he joined in 1854 at the age of 13, he continued his training in Paris as a pupil of the sculptor François Jouffroy. Winner of the first Grand Prix de Rome at his first attempt in 1859. A resident of the Villa Medici, he became famous upon his return from Rome with a State commission for the Luxembourg Museum. Many times rewarded at the Salon, he was made Chevalier of the Legion of Honor in 1870, promoted to Officer in 1878 and then to Commander in 1889. Elected Academician and appointed professor at the School of Fine Arts in 1882, his career continued uninterrupted public commissions, punctuated by successful editions of personal creations. He will train many students, some of whom will become famous.

The disappearance of major works such as the Quadriga which crowned the Arc de Triomphe, the group of the Trocadéro fountain and the Triumph of the Revolution planned for the Pantheon, deprives this essential artist of the XIXth century of the visibility and durability that the magnitude of his work should have assured him. He disappeared on April 19, 1900, a few days after the opening of the Universal Exhibition in Paris, which, quite rightly, gave him a large place.

Condition In a perfect condition. Great patina.
Note: Les dimensions indiquées sont celles de l'oeuvre seule
Width 17 cm
Height24 cm
Depth 10 cm

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