Original plaster “The water carrier” by Arthur Dupagne (1895-1961).

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Original plaster “The water carrier” by Arthur Dupagne (1895-1961).
Exhibited at the Colonial Art Exhibition at the Galerie de l'Art Belge, Brussels, July 1941, under number 94.
Unsigned. Height 56cm.
The bronze sculpture is represented in the work “Congo and Belgian Art” page 192, and the plaster is named in the work “the Salons of colonial artists” page 145.
Dupagne first worked in his father's ironwork workshop, and at the same time followed the Academy of Fine Arts in Liège.
He left in 1927 for the Belgian Congo in the service of the Société forestière et minière du Congo. During his many free hours he devotes himself to studying with passion the native of the bush in his supple nudity.
He will let himself be drawn into a plasticity full of truth, power and sensitivity. After a term of 8 years, he returned and exhibited his works successfully. Give up his job, and devote himself entirely to his art. He will return several times to Congo as an artist passionately in love with the land of Africa.
Works in many museums.

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