strange bird-like machine, moving sculpture like Tinguely

Philippe Schuermans


CategoryOther materials
Period20th century
StyleDesign 50-60
Condition good condition

Strange bird-like machine, sculpture in movement, DIY with pieces of scrap metal and forming a poetic sculpture. Tinguelian vision of sculpture that mixes speed, noise, fragility of the mechanism, movement, humor, to arouse in the spectator astonishment.

Wingspan / wing span 150cm / 5 feet

Height without base 120cm / 4 feet

Height including base 210cm / 7 feet

Strange birdlike machine. Poetical sculpture in movement made of (recycled) salvage scrap metal. Parallels can be found in the vision of Jean Tinguely's sculptures mixing speed, noise, fragility of the mechanism, movement and humor, to give birth to amazement for the spectator.

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Philippe Schuermans
Philippe Schuermans
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