large abstract sculpture in black granite, studio background of Roland LAVIANNE (1948-2022)

Philippe Schuermans


Large modernist and abstract sculpture in black granite.
Dimensions height 40 cm.
Studio fund of Roland LAVIANNE (1948-2022). More than 20 unique sculptures in wood and stone. This collection was acquired in collaboration with @igmarstuer (Aalst - Belgium) and @pschantiques (Paul Bert market, Paris Saint-Ouen)
Simplifying forms to the extreme, Roland LAVIANNE develops a powerful game of volumes, shapes, lines, using light as a building material.
Roland LAVIANNE translates a real mastery of the balance of volumes and lines of force, the characters, motionless and dynamic, seem to weave a theatrical conversation forever suspended.


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Philippe Schuermans
Marché Paul Bert
Allée 1 Stand 43 et 45
 +33(0)6 23 78 24 95

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