Large Wall Sculpture By Pia Manu



Large handcrafted wall sculpture or room divider, consisting of three different segments (length between 76 cm and 80 cm x height 93 cm x depth 16 cm, total length 240 cm). Unique piece created by the Belgian sculptor Jules DeWaele, known under the pseudonym PIA MANU. A great collector of fossils and trilobites, Pia Manu takes up this sculpture with primitive and raw sculptural forms, primitive forms created by the power of nature. Made of concrete, iron and pyrite. Signed Pia Manu in a small cartouche. Circa 1970. Special order for an owner in Flanders (Belgium). Several important pieces by Pia Manu from this same provenance will be collected by igmarstuer and pschantiques. Representing the Flemish Brutalists, he models or sculpts primitive forms with materials with a powerful or anti-poetic texture (as he himself calls them) using concrete, earth and slate.

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