Lina Bo Bardi; Marcelo Ferraz; Marcelo Suzuki Frei Egidio chair, design 1987 / edition 2020

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The Frei Egídio chair was developed by Lina Bo Bardi, Marcelo Ferraz and Marcelo Suzuki, to equip the Gregório de Mattos theater in Salvador. It needed to be lightweight and easily transportable, and to do this they took as an example the Italian Renaissance folding chairs the team used when working at the Glass House. By studying how to modernize its design, the different slats of the classic model were synthesized into three rows of boards. The definition of wood, fittings and hardware was the responsibility of Ferraz and Suzuki, who, by working simultaneously on design and manufacturing, managed to finalize the chair as we know it. The name of the chair came from Lina, who wanted to pay homage to the brother who invited her to design the church of Espírito Santo do Cerrado, in Uberlândia, during the previous decade. (Marcenaria Barauna)

The structure of the chair is made up of four solid pine wood legs, connected by crosspieces, which support the plywood seat and back. The backrest is slightly ergonomic to provide comfortable support to the user, while the seat is flat and rectangular.

The design of the chair is simple, clean and functional, characteristic of Lina Bo Bardi's modern Brazilian style. The chair is stylish and suitable for various environments, from dining rooms to offices to relaxation areas.

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