Silverware became part of culinary arts in the 18th century when silver replaced pewter, wrought iron, ivory and horn. Soon a whole market developed and in 1672 hallmarks were established. The first pieces were the rattail model and the uniplat model. In the 18th century a lot of master silversmiths set up shops in Paris and other cities, like Barthélémy Samson in Toulouse. New styles were launched to follow the trends like Rococo style. The first cutlery sets emerged in the 19th century. Complete sets were produced in the same style by the same silversmith. Full sets are difficult to find nowadays. The more recent cutlery sets are copies of the 18th century models like the Louis XV style with Rococo inspiration. They can be innovative like the “Gordian knot” style. Cutlery sets nowadays are fully part of culinary arts – and art of receiving guests – like Christofle or Puiforcat sterling silverware as well as silver plate or inox sets designed by Guy Degrenne or Hermès.

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Bronze, 20th century, Silverware
600 €
Bronze, Art nouveau, Art deco, Christofle (Maison), 20th century, Silverware
5000 €
Silverware, Art nouveau, Art deco, 20th century, Silverware
5800 €
Cutlery and shapes, 40s, 50s, 20th century
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20th century, Silverware
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Cutlery and shapes, Empire, Consulat, 19th century
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Cutlery and shapes, 20th century
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Other silverware, 19th century