Limoges porcelain factory R. Delinières & Cie was created in 1863. Rémi Delinières was joined by Leonard Bernardaud in 1895, leaving the company to Bernardaud at his death in 1900.  Bernardaud set up a new system of direct sales which increased its sales. His sons Michel (1863-1949) and Jacques (1888-1962) took over the company when he died in 1923.  During the 1930s the factory produced Art Deco pieces. They were exhibited at the 1925, 1931 and 1937 fairs. In 1950, Jacques Bernardaud was the only manager of the company. In 1962, his nephew Pierre Bernardaud took the leadership, with the help of his cousin Paul Bernardaud. In 1967, the company asked Raymond Loewy, the famous industrial designer, to create the first Limoges porcelain contemporary set. In 1970 Bernardaud bought out Vignaud factory to increase notably its production, using television commercials. The company built factories worldwide and stopped its mass-production in France; Limoges factory became an artistic center. Since 1994, Michel Bernardaud is the company manager.