Bonetto Rodolpho

Rodolfo Bonetto (1929-1991)

Rodolfo Bonetto was born in 1929 in Milan, Italy. He began by abandoning a career in jazz music to work as a self-taught designer in Italy from 1958. With his talent, particularly in technical drawing, he will be a professor between 1961 and 1965, in Ulm (at the Hochschule für Gestaltung will resume the teachings of the Bauhaus) and then to Rome.

Rodolpho Bonetto is a multidisciplinary designer able to spend his time to combine innovation and design of everyday objects (some are at the MoMA in New York).

These technical experiences are the influences of his furnishing design. Before designing an armchair it's all the interior of a Fiat he makes, as well as prior to the design of a blade is first of all the entire lighting of a plant that has been thought.

He has received the Compas d'Or six times, one of which was awarded posthumously in 1991 for his entire activity. Unlike the majority of Italian designers not only through the period but even history, Bonetto did not practice as an architect, preferring to devote himself to the production of serial objects because what interests him is the technical element of the realization.

Today, his son Marco perpetuates his memory, through the firm Bonetto Design founded in 1994 in Monte Carlo