Capron, Roger

Roger Capron was born in 1922 in Vincennes. He studied at the School of Applied Arts in Art and Industry and then taught there.

In 1946, he moved to Vallauris and in 1947, he founded the ceramic workshop "Callis", with Jean Derval and Robert Picault. During this period, he produced imposing pieces.

From 1950, in order to obtain a greater production of his pieces, he went from filming to casting.

In 1952, he acquired the Font des Horts pottery, to install a small factory there to develop mass production.

He will create pieces typical of the 1950s, in free and animal forms, as well as grid decorations characteristic of his production.

In 1954, he won the gold medal at the Milan triennial.

From 1958, he produced many decorative panels using industrial tiles. These signs will be found in many important places