Gabriel Chasnelle called "Coco Chanel" is one of the major figures of French fashion around the world. Born in 1883 and died in 1971, she became known for her many avant-garde contributions to the world of fashion, especially in haute couture. She was also at the origin of the famous perfume Chanel n ° 5 .

Coco Chanel began in the 1920s to adopt and bring to the taste of the day the wearing of pants, then reserved for men, in a period where the boyish look was in fashion. She also resumed the marriage, garment worn at the base by the Norman and Breton fishermen, then a high place of Parisian vacation. Coco Chanel was also a regular at the Ritz, a Parisian palace that still retains the imprint of the designer.

Today Chanel is placed under the artistic direction of Karl Lagerfeld, who has managed to preserve the heritage of Coco Chanel through pearls, tweed and all the materials dear to Gabrielle Chanel. The most famous boutique of the brand is still found today at 31 rue Cambon in Paris.