Cini & Nils

Cini & Nils was founded in 1969, when two designers began to feel the necessity to offer their projects directly it markets. Efforts conjugate by Franco Bettonica, Mario Melocchi and Luta Bettonica, the first as designer and artistic director, the second as leader and co-designer. Marco Pedersoli is the engineer of all Cini & Nils creations.

They immediately distinguished by innovative design of formal rigor and by an accurate study of functional aspects, estetic and qualitative of the product.

Many of there works was acquired by the Musee of Modern Art in New York, like their bars, tables and desks collections, their swivel stand Magazine, Cubobar and table game. Late 1960's, the design was subject of many transformations, so Franco Bettonica and Mario Melocchi explored new areas, lighting, stopping the production of contemporary furniture.

In each design, Cini & Nils, everything is carefully studied, analyzed, tested in several times and finally redesigned, down to the smallest details. Step by step a new world take shape. A world made with innovative ideas, austere forms, precision in every details, qualitative materials and neat finishes. The world of Cini & Nils