Dior, Christian

Christian Dior was born in Granville, Normandy, in 1905. Following his parents‘lead, he started attending classes at Political Sciences Institute in Paris. He dropped out in 1926. Inspired by arts, he opened an art gallery in 1929, where he exhibited one of the first Salvador Dali paintings. Bankrupt in 1934, he had to rely on his friends. Having done quite a few fashion sketches he was hired as an illustrator by the newspaper “Le Figaro”. In 1939, Christian Dior was hired by the great fashion designer Robert Piguet, for whom he created three collections. In 1946 Dior opened his own company with the financial help of Marcel Boussac. In 1947 he carried out his first fashion show and launched his first perfumes. It was an immediate success worldwide. His work underwent three successive periods: the first one, the New Look, in 1947; the second one between 1950 and 1953, characterized by curves simplification; the last one, the “H Line” in 1954 eliminated the waist and reduced the curves. He became the favorite fashion designer of stars like Marilyn Monroe. He extended his activities in fifteen countries and represented more than half of the French fashion exports. He died in Italy in 1957 from a heart attack, his assistant Yves Saint Laurent by his side.