Durand, Gervais

Gervais Durand was born in Paris on July 30, 1839. After 1870 he was a cabinet maker rue de la Cerisaie, number 12. He was so successful that in 1878 he had to move to another location, 23 rue Beautreillis. He won the silver medal at the world fair in 1889. Durand was both draughtsman and carpenter for his style furniture. He created beautiful copies of the great 18th century designers. In 1898 the company settled in the Hotel de Sully located 62 rue Saint-Antoine. In 1902, Gervais partnered with his son under the name “Durand et Fils” (Durand and Son). His son Frédéric Louis (1874-1933) took over the company when his father died in 1920. He himself  partnered with his own son Pierre until the company closed out in 1933.