It all starts in New York with William Haviland (1771-1842), a porcelain and earthenware merchant. In 1839 his son David moved to France. In 1841 he opened a store in Limoges in order to export china to the U.S.A.  In 1852, David joined with his brothers Robert and Daniel. In 1864 they started creating their own china. In the 19th century they produced sets for the greatest American families, as well as the White House. In the early 1900s, Haviland was the number one Limoges porcelain maker. The company was severely hit by the Great Depression and went into bankruptcy in 1930. Theodore Haviland started it again in 1941 and the company still exists. There is another Haviland factory in Limoges: it comes from the lineage of Charles Field Haviland, son of Robert Haviland, and its name is Robert Haviland & Co.