Sormani, Paul

Paul Sormani was born in Venice in 1817. In 1847 he set up a cabinetry shop in Paris. He soon specialized in 18th century furniture copies, notably Louis XV and Louis XVI styles. During the 1855, 1862 and 1867 world fairs, he was awarded medals and increased his clientele. The empress Eugenie was his top client. Paul Sormani moved rue Charlot in 1867, was highly successful and died in 1877. His widow and his son Paul-Charles kept on producing under the name “Veuve Sormani & Fils”. The company won another medal at the 1878 and 1892 world fairs, and at the 1883 colonial exhibition. In 1914 Maison Sormani merged with Maison Thiebaud frères, became Thiébaud- Sormani and exhibits under this name in 1925 at the International exhibition of decorative and industrial modern arts . Maison Sormani closed in 1935 following Paul-Charles Sormani death. Maison Sormani is famous for its furniture production as well as its marquetry pieces, such as jewelry boxes and liqueur cabinets.