Weapons factory of Dagoty

The Dagoty factory was founded in Paris in 1798 by the three brothers Dagoty, Pierre-Louis, Isidore and Etienne Jean-Baptiste and lasted until circa 1823. They were born in an artist family to Jean-Baptiste André Gauthier Dagoty, a famous painter at the French court. They were trained in their early years. In 1800 Pierre-Louis remained the sole owner of the workshop after his brothers’ death, and his production quickly became famous. In 1804 the factory was supported by Empress Josephine who authorized him to sign his porcelains with “Her Majesty Empress’ Factory, P-L. Dagoty in Paris”. After Napoleon’s fall in 1814, the factory lost its charter and became Duchess of Angoulême factory from 1815 to 1820. In 1816 Pierre-Louis partnered with François Maurice Honoré, and they worked together until they parted. In 1820 the production decreased, Dagoty had to withdraw and the factory was sold in 1823.  Dagoty was famous for its “à l’antique” decor and Empire style.