Wilmotte, JM

Jean-Michel Wilmotte was born in Soissons in 1948. He is a graduate of Ecole Camondo in Paris. He became an architect, an urban planner and a successful designer. In 1975 he created his own architecture firm, reinventing architecture and interior design with a high standard in design and detailing. He achieved structures of all scales, creating classic or modern interior spaces with a specific attention to the smallest ornaments like door handles. His architecture company became one of the top 100 architecture firms in the world. A passionate collector, he worked for exhibitions and museums, like the Louvre he renovated between 1998 and 2000. His agency has two divisions: the architecture firm Wilmotte & Associés, and the design studio Wilmotte & Industries SAS that works on more than 100 projects. His works can be viewed in many private or public places. He carries out projects all over the world, through his main office in France or his branches in London, Venice, Seoul, Rio de Janeiro. He is viewed as a reference in the design field.