Wormley, Edward

Edward Wormley is one of the greatest American designers of the 20th century. In 1928, he dropped out of the Chicago Art Institute after two years spent attending its classes, and became an interior designer for the Marshall Field & Company. In 1931 he met with the manager of Dunbar, a furniture firm based in Berne, Indiana, and was asked to refresh its lineup. In 1944, following its success, Dunbar Company took a new focus on modern furniture creation under Wormley’s supervision. In 1945 Wormley opened his own store in New York while remaining a consultant for Dunbar Company which became his main client. He specialized in high end indoor furnishings inspired by the past centuries furniture. He worked mainly for Dunbar but not only, designing furniture for companies like Drexel for whom he created the “Precedent” series. His career ended in 1968 when he retired.