Bronzes, monumental miniatures

From Saturday November 11, 2023
Le Carré stand 9 aisle 3 Serpette

Miniatures, amulets, ornaments, representations of divinities or spiritual entities, bronzes make us realize that the monumental can sometimes fit in the palm of your hand.

Bronzes have been around for almost as long as we can remember. They are one of the first artistic manifestations to have crossed the ages and continents. Favored by their size and material, they are one of those objects that acquire more beauty as they acquire a patina, more transcendence as they bear the marks of time.

It's undeniable that if people have traveled, so have their objects - or at least their style and iconography. Bringing back souvenirs from elsewhere meant revealing a different know-how, proposing new techniques and forms that could be repeated and appropriated: art is exchange and transmission.

Beyond the line and balance of their composition, which are reminiscent of the works of the greatest modern sculptors of the twentieth century, these two hundred bronzes, collected by an enthusiast over more than fifteen years, are charged with echoes of styles and influences, they are the carriers of these timeless dialogues. How can we fail to see in them a hint of Luristan, Siberia or even traces of the Etruscans?

Ultimately, monumentality is also that which cannot be expressed at first glance: monumentality is elsewhere, it's the past, it's perceiving all that it took in the world to get here.