Cecile & Loui Dein

From Friday, June 4, 2021
Stand 52 alley 3 Paul Bert

Cécile and Loui Dein

The Poterie de la Levrette is nestled in the hollow of the Breton moor. House-workshop with a family and artistic atmosphere where Cécile Dein likes to tell you her story, her creations.

The floor is covered with its enamelled tiles, the benches and tables are cut with a gouge by her husband, the curtains made from the weaving of worn children's clothes: craftsmanship as an art of living.

Cécile was born in 1929. She dedicated herself very early to the shaping of the earth, and worked in the pottery tradition by producing everyday objects.

The meeting with Colette Gueden was preponderant: the first sales followed in the Printemps department stores.

With her husband, the painter Paul Dein (1918-1986), they settled in Brittany in 1960.

Their son, Loui, was born in 1959. He grew up in a creative atmosphere and soon became interested in his mother's chamotte earth.

In the 1980s, he produced pieces on the theme of "interweaving". His work, with sculptural volumes, can be compared to the avant-garde architectures of the time.

He collaborates with architects on sandstone lighting projects. At the same time, for the Galerie la Pensée in Brest, he explored the motif of the pebble, producing more organic works.

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